Body Temple: 10 Week ONLINE Yoga Health Coaching Course
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body temple 350 Body Temple: 10 Habits to Total Wellness combines:

* Ayurveda self-care practices called Dinacharya (Daily Rhythms)
* Habit Change Science, and
* Kundalini Yoga.

The course includes weekly lessons on Awakening the Ten Light Bodies with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. These combined practices seamlessly build a new body ~ mind connection for your highest Self to be embodied. This spring we're including Divine Feminine Oracle Guidance and an optional concurrent 4 week Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse.

Anne will guide you step by step to take control of your wellness with the proven ancient tools of Yogic and Ayurvedic daily self care. You will practice the 10 Habits to up-level your sleep, energy and digestion to name a few. You will benefit from the group community support as well as individualized coaching to maximize your success.

The 10 Habits - see below - are simple yet effective daily habits to support fundamental energetic shifts that impact your entire wellness.

Some of the natural shifts that happen:

»  Better Sleep & Energy »  Better Digestion & Elimination
»  Body Weight Balances »  Stress Patterns Reduce
»  Diet Improves »  Unhealthy Cravings Diminish
»  Moods Balances »  Meditative Mind Awakens
»  Connection to Spirit Strengthens »  Connection to Intuition Increases

The ancient Yogi's of India and the Himalayas, through deep meditation were informed of the code for creating a physiology that would be worthy as the Temple of your Soul! The Body Temple-10 Habits course can create that shift from stress and dis-ease to thriving with ease!


Boost Your Wellbeing!

Interested in Upleveling your Health?

Anne Townend Duffey cropped 300wIf you want to make significant shifts with one on one and group support, in your health, energy, digestion, and sleep (to name a few) and deepen your Yoga & meditation practice.

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Want better Sleep, Digestion, and Vibrant Energy?
Do You Have a Desire to Optimize to your Best Health?

This program is a cutting edge training in 10 Thrive Habits to integrate over time that will literally restructure and balance your energy, your digestion, your wellness, and your connection to your Spirit!

It's Not For Everyone -  so Who is Body Temple Thrive For?

You!, if you are drawn to dive deep, to make the necessary step by step changes with full support, to cultivate the best health, energy and ease and are ready to commit, to be mentored and held accountable... then lets talk!

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This could be your breakthrough year and I'm thrilled to guide you!

Body Temple - 10 Habits

The 10 Habits  - as guided by Cate Stillman and her Blueprint: Body Thrive

  1. ELD - Early Lighter Dinner: Supper means to supplement. Larger meal earlier in the day.
  2. ETB - Early to Bed: Getting in sync with the rhythms of nature
  3. SDR - Start the Day Right: With Habit Evolution we engineer our schedule to support positive change
  4. Breath Body Practices: KEY! Prana (Breath) awakens consciousness and the body needs to move
  5. Eat More Plants: Plants carry the vibrancy and prana of all 5 elements to build a body temple vibrant and strong for your Divine Spirit to inhabit more fully!
  6. Self-massage: Abhyanga! Bar non delivers more healing and integration than any other body practice!
  7. Sitting in Silence: Cultivating the Neutral Meditative Mind where your power and intuition reside!
  8. Healthy Eating Ayurvedic Guidelines: According to your specific body type (Dosha ) and season.
  9. Coming to Your Senses: Taking care of your organs of perception (eyes,ears nose,mouth,skin)
  10. Easeful Living: Having the habits and tools to CHOOSE ease over stress

With Anne as your Soul Sherpa guide, she'll share her 25 yrs as a yoga and wellness practitioner with the added gifts of Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Health Coaching to support you on the path of realizing your vibrant health, happiness, and alignment with your Divine Self.

The buzz about Body Temple...

" I found the Body Temple course to be really helpful. There were a couple of habits that came very naturally to me, however it was good to get more information on how to implement these with greater ease.  With support from Anne, the literature, and weekly on-line lecturers/group support it allowed [the habits] to be easily integrated into my life. I looked forward to the weekly classes with all the support and no judgement. I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to uplevel your practice and take a yoga adventure. "
Body Temple - Sue T.