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Combining wisdom teachings of Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga, Intuitive Thrive courses and Yoga Health Coaching offer highly focused, and clear content. Studying with Anne you will be mentored to embody deeper levels of conscious wellness and higher levels of intuitive spiritual alignment.
Through virtual media and online classes you'll learn how to reconnect, nurture and embody your sacred intuition. You'll be living in alignment with divine wisdom, universal energy and abundant flow.
If you want to feel Inspired, Enlivened, and Empowered, take the first step.

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The buzz...

" I've been taking yoga classes with Anne for several years - she is a wonderful teacher. I started out looking for physical benefits, but I also really appreciate the mental and spiritual benefits I've gained through yoga. I have a stressful management job and my yoga practice helps prepare me for that; it's something that I have recommended to a number of the people I work with. I have known Anne for many years and in addition to being a great teacher, she is a very kind and thoughtful person. "
Ian W.