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Combining wisdom teachings of Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga, Intuitive Thrive courses and Yoga Health Coaching offer highly focused, and clear content. Studying with Anne you will be mentored to embody deeper levels of conscious wellness and higher levels of intuitive spiritual alignment.
Through virtual media and online classes you'll learn how to reconnect, nurture and embody your sacred intuition. You'll be living in alignment with divine wisdom, universal energy and abundant flow.
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" I loved the Body Temple experience! It reconnected me to healthier habits - better bedtime ritual, eating earlier, eating less and a more plant based diet. Body Temple habits led me to feeling better, losing weight and sleeping better too. Anne is an amazing Yoga health coach, she's very intuitive, knowlegedable, thorough and fun!! I highly recommend taking any course or class with Anne, but if you can make a commitment to do the Body Temple Thrive it will change your life and those you live with as well!!! "
Body Temple - Brenna M.