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Combining wisdom teachings of Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga, Intuitive Thrive courses and Yoga Health Coaching offer highly focused, and clear content. Studying with Anne you will be mentored to embody deeper levels of conscious wellness and higher levels of intuitive spiritual alignment.
Through virtual media and online classes you'll learn how to reconnect, nurture and embody your sacred intuition. You'll be living in alignment with divine wisdom, universal energy and abundant flow.
If you want to feel Inspired, Enlivened, and Empowered, take the first step.

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The buzz...

" Do this course! It will integrate with your LFA practice and blossom your soul! I was ready to evolve and express my experience on the mat and out into the world, and found Anne Lakshmi Narayan to be an amazing guide. I have gone from feeling disembodied to feeling embodied in my Feminine spirit!I'm so grateful for Anne Lakshmi Narayan and the others I have journeyed with in support and LOVE! This course is a chance to UPLEVEL your life and your Kundalini practice! Go deeper than you could of imagined and feel supported! Wahe Guru! Sat Nam! "
Body Temple - Ginger H.