Yoga Health Coaching (Online) - with Anne-Christine

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Optimize your Wellness with One on One guidance on Organic Lifestyle, Self Care for Vibrant Health and Spiritual Evolution.

Do you want to shift your wellness from mediocrity to luminosity, from chronic low level energy to an inspired level of vibrancy?

As your Yoga Health Coach I will share the THRIVE habits and pair them with Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic science to guide you on the path to harnessing your fullest potential.

Working together we will identify your personal challenges, strengths, priorities and goals.

We'll establish steps, and identify new habits to achieve those goals. It's a process...along the way we'll introduce practices that are easy to adopt and we'll have regular check-ins.

With me by your side as your Yoga Health Coach, you will learn to practice new daily habits that support optimal wellness and will:
»  Optimize your health   »  Improve your digestion   »  Boost happiness
»  Sleep better   »  Stabilize your moods   »  Activate your intuition
»  Reduce stress & anxiety   »  Increase your energy   »  THRIVE!


Take one simple step to start you on the path.

Contact me for a FREE 30 min. Health Vision call to help clarify your goals and find a program that fits for you.
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Are you challenged with chronic stress and feel overwhelmed? Do lack energy, have weak digestion, erratic sleep or mood challenges; including depression and anxiety? Are you looking for guidance and support to help you release negative habits and energy?

Boost your energy, mood, health and happiness through the holistic support of an online Yoga Health Coaching program.

Schedule your Free! Health Vision call today.

Your transformation begins when you raise your hand and say YES!

Yoga Health Coaching Rates - Online*
Yoga Health Coaching Special Package Pricing* - 90 Minute Sessions
One hour: $90.00   3-Session Package: $270.00  ($75 ea)
90 min. Initial intake session:  $90.00
(required before enrolling in a coaching package)
  4-Session Package: $340.00 ($70. Ea)
    5-Session Package: $375.00 ($60 ea) 
Schedule a session   Schedule your package
* Sessions are via phone/skype, or zoom   *90 minute sessions via phone/skype or zoom
*Sessions are to be completed within 4 months
*No refunds after the first session
In person sessions are available on a limited basis. Contact Anne to inquire about pricing and availability.


Anne Townend Duffey v2Anne has over 25 years of experience as a Certified Yoga & Meditation teacher and is a Certified Yoga Health Coach trained in optimizing holistic health and teaching the habits of THRIVE via Yoga and Ayurveda.

In addition to the Ayurveda wisdom of THRIVE, she promotes daily meditation and Yoga as well as daily self-care to elevate peace and happiness. She teaches Kundalini yoga practices to energetically heal, activate higher levels of energy, and deepen connection to intuitive wisdom to help guide your daily living.

“We are what we repeatedly do”- Aristotle

The buzz about Yoga Health Coaching...

" I've been a private coaching client of Anne's – she “walks the walk” and her input has been life-changing for me. Anne is also one of the strongest Kundalini Yoga teachers I've taken classes with. The energy she shares is wonderful! I feel blessed to have found her! "
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