Body Temple 2.0
Embody Your Energy Alchemist & Expand Your Radiance

body temple 350A NEW course for your new inner radiance!

Now is the time to awaken to our Inner Alchemist. The embodied capacity to transmute imbalances & expand your innate Radiance as a daily practical skill set.

This 6 wk course will build on the benefits that the embodied self care practices of Ayurveda , Yoga and Meditation create by taking the greater step to have the wisdom tools of the Alchemist.

To recognize when fundamental element energies within us are calling for attention and having the tools to shift what is dense into what Is light, what was stagnant back into flow. What was disempowering into empowering our Sovereignty as a Embodied Spiritual Human BEING.

Spring is the most powerful time to set our wellness for the entire year ahead.

Dates: Jan 2023
Day/Time: TBA
Fee: TBA
[Sliding Scale Option $ - * Weekly payment can be worked out via VENMO]
Join me on this journey!

Join me for a Self Healing Journey by attuning to the following.

The 5 Elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether & Corresponding Chakras for Evolutionary Growth:

  • »  Wk#1 Earth Element & Chakra One: Grounding as a daily must for expansion
  • »  Wk#2 Water Element : Chakra Two: Pelvis & Sacrum: Emotional Flow ,Intuitive connection with your Sacred Waters of Creativity
  • »  Wk#3 Fire Element: Chakra Three ;Solar Plexus: Solar Self Empowerment. Activate your Resevoir of Transformative Life Force Power
  • »  Wk#4 Air Element: Chakra Four Heart: Connecting, Clearing & Expanding your Wisdom Heart as your Compass for Life
  • »  Wk #5 Ether element: Chakra Five Throat: Bridge between Heart & Mind Coherence

Tools for Transmutation

  • Weekly Kundalini Kriyas: breath work and meditations to support each of the 5 Elements from Earth to 3rd Eye to attune to clarity.
  • Weekly Soul Astrology Alignments: To know the Big picture of what the Cosmos Sky Dance is forming in frequency and how that impacts us collectively and personally via your Natal Chart.
  • A Soul Astrology Forecast: each Monday (via email or video) of what is unfolding and highlights for you to watch in your chart
  • Wed. Weekly Kundalini Yoga Class: on Zoom to practice the Element of the week and your personal Self care related to the Chakra of the week. Live Classes are Recorded & sent out within 2 hours.
  • Q&A Course Wrap up: Planning Your Next Steps Sat. May 7, 2022 9 am est

Open to all with curiosity and commitment to take a bold step to own your unique Souls Evolutionary Blueprint represented by your Natal Birth Chart and w/ practical steps honor your daily life with more Presence, more LOVE , more Peace, more Wellness beyond past limiting experiences.
I hope you'll join me!

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This could be your breakthrough spring and I'm thrilled to guide you!

The buzz...

" Do this course! It will integrate with your LFA practice and blossom your soul! I was ready to evolve and express my experience on the mat and out into the world, and found Anne Lakshmi Narayan to be an amazing guide. I have gone from feeling disembodied to feeling embodied in my Feminine spirit!I'm so grateful for Anne Lakshmi Narayan and the others I have journeyed with in support and LOVE! This course is a chance to UPLEVEL your life and your Kundalini practice! Go deeper than you could of imagined and feel supported! Wahe Guru! Sat Nam! "
Body Temple - Ginger H.